Virginia Creative Studios wants to offer its authors and clients not only an expertise in negotiating contracts, but in contributing to all phases of the editorial and publishing processes. What we desire is to maximize the value of our creatives. So we works with the author leading his way in branding, licensing, and selling film/TV, foreign, audio, dramatic and serial rights.

Virginia Creative Studios represents writers of fiction and non-fiction. We are strongly interested in literary and commercial fiction, women's fiction, science fiction/fantasy, narrative non-fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, psychology, science, parenting, cookbooks, how-to, self-help, business, finance, young adult and juvenile fiction/non-fiction and picture books. 

We are interested in and work with authors at all stages of their career. 

In particular, we are looking for entertaining, emotional, thrilling stories capable to transport readers to another world and keep them turning the pages. We are looking for distinctive voices, great storytellers and unique ideas. We are particularly focused on thriller, adventure, spy-story and fantasy fiction. We are actively seeking new clients who are great storytellers, delivering dramatic tension, combined with multi-faceted characters and compelling plot.


To submit, please send by email submissions@virginiacreativestudios.co.uk the manuscript, a brief biography with contact details and a short synopsis of no more than 2000 characters.  Please do not follow up with a telephone call or further e-mails to confirm receipt. You will be contacted within two months if the text is of interest to us. If you have not been contacted following two months of receipt of the text it means the work has been rejected. If requested/needed, we provide editing or other types of assessment.